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Another day, another sale – this time it is from Ted Baker.  I love love love Ted Baker and it is one of my definite buys during the sale season. Ted Baker does good quality canvas bags which always goes on sale and I always buy couple of them to gift it to my family and friends. But here is my absolute favorite that’s on sale right now! 

Happy 2017

Happy New Year My Beautiful Friends !

It’s been a while since my last post. Even though I want to blog more, I have been so busy with work and other things that I forgot I had a blog! So this year, I have decided I will try to keep my blog as more of a photo journal and I hope to post about things that I love apart from fashion – restaurant reviews, beauty finds, interior design, travel and make this more of a life style blog (Read – a bit of a chaotic mess). Chances are sky high that I may just post barely couple of times like last year – but hey ! you start off a year high on optimism. 

So here goes my first post from this year featuring few of my absolute favourite buys from last year 🙂

There is always an excitement when holidays are coming up. And it gets doubled when you are planning to visit family and friends.

On the way to India, we decided to stop over at Dubai for few days and luckily, weather was just so perfect! Plan was to catch up with friends and to just relax after a crazy few months at work.

It felt so good to be in somewhere warm and sunny after last few grey and gloomy days in London. I decided to wear something very bright and colourful and wore this lovely mustard dress from Zara. If you know me well, I’m a bit of Zara addict and have this habit of buying clothes and not wearing them for almost a year. As London is full of Zara addicts like me, you will most likely find yourself in a tube with at least a couple of people wearing same Zara jackets or tops. So safest bet is to lock them away for a few months or a year and then take it out (Yes, I’m weird like that).

I prefer flowy shift dresses on holidays and this one was so perfect for day of sight seeing. Rather than wearing my go-to white Converse, I wore this white mules which was surprisingly as comfortable as the Converse. Mules are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them as I find them easy to style with both denims and dresses. Here is a pic from my trusty iphone !

Love Of Florals

Nothing spells spring and summer like florals ! Let it be a lovely top worn with denims, statement blazers, flowy maxi dresses or even bikinis or kimono cover ups, floral print elevates your style quotient to whole new level. I have always been a fan of Zara and it is my go to brand for literally everything. Now as we are nearing end of summer, I want to feature this lovely tulip print dress from Zara.

This is one of the best purchases for me this year and deserves its own post 🙂

City Walls Of Dubrovnik

While googling about Dubrovnik, I stumbled on this quote by George Bernard Shaw – “Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik”. Big words –  That got my hopes all high and Dubrovnik sure did live up to all the expectations.
Here are a few pics from this beautiful walled city which they fondly call ‘Pearl of Adriatic’.  This post is focussing only on the city wall and beautiful walk on it. It is one of the best ways to see this magnificent city that was built centuries ago. 
First pic that we took of City walls ?

These city walls were initially built in 9th century to protect the city and now they are part of UNESCO Heritage Sites (More history on their WIKI page :)). It is quite a climb to get to top of these walls especially during summer months, but gorgeous views of these terracotta roofs with Adriatic Sea in background makes it totally worth the climb.

Another view from city walls ! Though it’s only a 2 mile walk make sure to stock up on water..

There are so many islands nearby and it’s definitely recommended to do an island hopping tour.. The view as you sail away from the city is so beautiful .. Or just hop inot the ocean for a little swim like I did.    ?

There are hundreds of pics from this trip. But may be for a different post ! Hope you enjoyed .. Thanks for reading !x

Chick Sours X Hoppers Collab

Today’s post is all about yummy fried chicken goodness. 
Sobin is on a culinary quest in London and he has taken me to so many new places which I wouldn’t usually go to. I mean, I will never venture out to Dalston to try a new restaurant. But this one is special – Chick ‘n’ Sours.
We have been drooling at all the chick n Sours’ fried chicken pics on Instagram lately. So when we heard that they are teaming up with Hoppers, we made reservations immediately. And… what a brunch it was ! 
Chick ‘n’ Sours serve only free- range, herb fed chicken from local farms and that reflects on taste of chicken..

Check out their Hoppers Collab special menu..
Took us a while to decide what we want..
Cocktails were a bit sour with a SriLankan influence via Cinnamon and Cardamom (Kept it true to the name and collab) 

And finally OOTD pic!